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LearnList tracks the fast evolving education space across global markets and creates actionable datasets of schools, colleges, modern online schools, learning communities & more. We curate the data via software & human research and bring it all to you in one simple annual subscription.

Find complete & verified data for K12 schools across the United States with website, phone numbers, contacts and more.
K12 Schools
Find detailed lists of all the colleges with comprehensive data in one place including phone numbers, contacts and more.
Get a comprehensive list of all the online schools across all categories in one place with website, phone numbers, traffic & more.
Online Schools
Find the cleanest list of all the online courses across 100s of online schools with complete course information.
Online Courses
We track and managed the largest list of online learning communities, an emerging trend in the education ecosystem.
Learning Communities
We curate a database of teachers who offering online tutoring on various platforms with all possible details for these tutors.
Online Tutors
Get a complete and clean list of teachers and creators who use Teachable to run their online courses and bootcamps.
Teachable Customers
Find all teachers and creators who use Thinkific to teach online courses and bootcamps to earn an income from their offering.
Thinkific Customers
A comprehensive list of creators and teachers who use Podia to run online classes for a wide range of subjects.
Podia Customers

“LearnList is a GREAT solution for education leads!”

We sell to schools & colleges and the broader educator ecosystem and find LearnList of great value - all the data in one place and the ongoing updates are really valuable. Saves us a ton of time!

“Fabulous Tool!”

LearnList just saved me days and days of work of finding schools by a set of criteria for our campaigns and I am going to be using it more and more. Love the simple annual pricing model.


Slice & Dice Education Data Across Global Markets

LearnList helps you sig deeper into education and educator data across schools, colleges, and learning communities to create customized slices for your specific needs.

Find stores in specific countries and states

Find schools with actionable data

LearnList curates school data for 1000s of schools with detailed information including websites and phone numbers.

Find stores in specific countries and states

Find colleges with comprehensive insights

LearnList tracks 1000s of colleges across the US (more countries coming soon) with actionable information.

Find stores in specific countries and states

Segment & customize as you need

A powerful search helps you segment all education data across criteria and new filters are added every month.

Find stores in specific countries and states

All types of educator and education data

LearnList is the only place where you will find emerging education destinations from online schools and learning communities and more.

“Comprehensive solution for Education Industry Data!”

We really like how LearnList is bringing together education data of schools, colleges, online schools and modern learning communities all in one place. This has been a lot of value for us as we sell into this ecosystem and have struggled with alternative solutions.

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