2020 Best Learning Tools

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30 Learning Tools
Name City State Country Phone Email
Biblionasium New York NY United States 917-524-2546 [email protected]
Toddle Bengaluru KA India 91-9825257365 [email protected]
Thinkific Vancouver BC Canada 888-832-2409 [email protected]
Proprofs Santa Monica CA United States 855-776-7763 [email protected],[email protected]
IXL San Mateo CA United States 855-255-8800 [email protected]
Piazza Palo Alto CA United States 800-818-4124 [email protected]
Edpuzzle San Francisco CA United States 650-336-4934 [email protected]
QuickKey- Validated Learning Cambridge MA United States 617-233-6363 [email protected]
Naiku Eden Prairie MN United States 612-356-2458 [email protected]
Mentimeter Stockholm SE Sweden 556892-5506 [email protected]
Formative Inglewood CA United States 513-673-8278 [email protected]
Quizlet San Francisco CA United States 510-495-6550 [email protected]
Edulastic Fremont CA United States 510-328-3277 [email protected]
Conceptboard Halle Germany 49-711508880240 [email protected]
Kahoot! Oslo Norway 47-45023824 [email protected]
Peergrade Copenhagen Denmark 45-60677042 [email protected]
Obsurvey London United Kingdom 44-1422400204 [email protected]
Miro San Francisco CA United States 415-669-8098 [email protected]
Peardeck Iowa City IA United States 319-209-5165 [email protected]
Classkick Chicago IL United States 312-798-9620 [email protected]

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